Charles Schwab brings a bevy of additional services to the table that Contour Financial simply does not have the resources to accomplish. A Winning Relationship - You, Your Advisor And Schwab explains this relationship in detail, but below are some of the salient points.

  1. Charles Schwab provides broker/dealer services. A broker/dealer has access to the exchanges where mutual funds, bonds and stocks are traded through either a seat or electronic access. Being a discount broker, they have lower commissions. They offer a wide selection of investments: stocks, bonds, mutual funds and FDIC-backed certificates of deposit. Their no transaction fee funds and One Source program are great ways to buy mutual funds with no commission. Specifically, their mutual fund program consists of:
    1. 16,567 mutual funds; 9,093 which are One Source.
    2. 4,611 funds exclusively available to investment advisors.
    3. 2,832 load-waived funds.
    4. 620 fund families.
  2. Charles Schwab supplies custodial services. We realize that Contour Financial does not have the name recognition of a Charles Schwab. Having money and investments held at an organization that serves as the largest custodian of Registered Investment Advisor firm investments in the country gives clients peace of mind. At Contour Financial we have power to execute trades on a client's account, but with the exception of fee withdrawal, have no ability to withdraw any money or securities from the account. How Client Assets Are Protected At Schwab and How Schwab Protects Your Information highlights the precautions taken with a client's investments and information.
  3. Charles Schwab offers many account choices, including 529 college savings plans, custodial accounts, trust, estate, retirement plans, annuities and charitable gift accounts.
  4. Charles Schwab has the following banking services:
    1. 358 convenient branches coast-to-coast.
    2. Check writing, debit card and ATM access.
    3. Mortgages and home equity lines of credit (HELOC).
    4. Sophisticated online account access through Schwab's website.
    5. Schwab Alliance provides 24/7 service on a toll-free 1-800 number.
  5. Charles Schwab gives complete documentation. Trade confirmations are sent either in electronic format or by United States Mail. Monthly statements are also prepared that detail positions and all transactions. Year-end interest, dividend & capital gain distribution and management fee information is provided to help with tax preparation.

With the services mentioned above at a client's disposal both Contour Financial and Charles Schwab become a one-stop source for financial needs. We are pleased to offer Charles Schwab as a highly valued resource.